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How much to rent a flower wall?

August 19, 2020 2 min read

How much to rent a flower wall?


How much to rent a flower wall?

You can't have a wedding in 2020 with a basic b!tch wall

Green grass backdrops and flower wall rentals became a social media viral trend over the last two years. Flower wall rentals are so new that everyone is asking "how much do flower walls cost"?

Well that depends on the size and quality of the flower wall, you have a 8x6 or 8x8 flower wall size. A 8x6 flower wall rental generally starts at $150 depending on the specific type of wall and can go for up to $1000+ if its rare and customized.

Because you can order something online that looks beautiful picture wise and receive a cheesy wall that you wouldn't want any one to take a picture in front of. You have a plethora of flower walls to choose from in 2020. Booth Muse has the largest selection of Flower Walls to choose from in Atlanta,Georgia. We have a 🌹 rose wall, 🌻sunflower wall, blue Hydrangea, red hydrangea, silver hydrangea flower wall, gold hydrangea flower wall and multiple grass wall backdrop options to choose from. The cost starts at $40 and you have a hour to pose in front of them all. If you would like a wooden sign or a neon sign for your flower wall then we can customize your sign for your event.

1 and Done 💐

It doesn't make much sense financially to buy a flower wall for a wedding or event that will last a couple hours. You will find a wall in your house for a cool neon sign though. Each of our silk flower walls, greenery walls and hedge walls is designed and handmade with love in , from the highest quality silk and real-touch flowers available. A great looking flower wall will have everyone in your comments asking you "Where did you rent that flower wall at?". All of our flower walls are Inspired by the latest trends in event and wedding floral design, our flower walls will have your guests gasping in awe... and leaning in to smell the roses!

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