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Office Happy Hour

Booth Muse is the perfect event space for your next work party. With everyone working remotely it's still important to form like vol-tron for a good ole office happy hour. It is well known that a business is only as good as the people who are working behind it. It is important to make sure that employees are happy and well-connected.

When it comes to team-building exercises nothing beats a group photo booth picture. Not to mention you can capture the memories and keep all the fun photos in your office walls as a constant reminder of the corporate culture that drives the business

A night of group selfies will make you forget about all the deadlines you have tomorrow.

Here's the deet's:

Our office happy hour package is $99 per person for parties of 10 - 20 people.

Each person gets:

  • 1 ticket to the Booth Muse experience
  • Unlimited printed pictures
  • Reserved private seating in Booth Muse