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Try Before You Buy. Visit Booth Muse and use our Magik Mirror Photo Booth.

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Our Magik Mirror Booth is the 2020 version of a mirror photo booth with multi-color LED's and light touch sensor. Unlike the old school picture frame Mirror Photo Booth the new Magik Mirror Photo Booth folds up for easy transportation. Not to mention that it's equipped with dual flash space and bounce card to produce crisp and clear photos.

The Magik Magic Mirror Booth is equipped with:

  • 43 Inch LG Display Screen
  • 1080p Touch Screen
  • Two Flash Lights
  • Custom Steel and Aluminum Mirror Booth Shell
  • 31.5" 10 Point Capacitive Touch Monitor
  • 2 Way Tempered Glass
  • Custom Multi-Color LED Lighting
  • LED Touch Power Sensor
  • Hardware Support:  1 Year Warranty
  • Magik Mirror Booth Booth Size: 24"L x 28"W x 67"H
  • Monitor Size: 31.5"
  • Weight:99 lbs
  • Shipping: 3-4 weeks

Reasons to buy the Magik Magic Mirror Booth

Easy To Transport

The Magik Magic Mirror Booth is the perfect size to fit your SUV with the dimensions of 24"L x 28"W x 67"H.Smart omni wheels allow the MMM booth to move in all directions with minimal effort. The MMM booth has a rigid, all-aluminum structure and a protective cover for the glass keep all internal and external components safe while traveling.


Fast Set Up

Setting the MMM booth up is extremely quick and takes just a few minutes, though it does require strength and a team of 2 people. When lifting the booth up from an horizontal to a vertical position,and vice versa, its weight of 99 pounds is supported by a smart mount at the bottom of the shell.


On the top of our MMM photo booth is a reflector to make sure the lighting is right.


5-10 events a month

Average rentals $500-$1500

$50,000-$100,000 a year



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